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Disaster Relief

Vaccine Express

Transforming local transport across India to make vaccination accessible. Learn more

Covid Relief Kits

Ration and covid support to families who lost livelihoods during the pandemic. Learn more

Auto Ambulance

Free transport to and from hospital at the height of Delhi lockdown. Learn more

Frontliners in hospitals

Admin support to overwhelmed Delhi hospitals at height of 2nd wave. Learn more

Shav Vahaan

Transporting those who have passed on and their families to cremation grounds. Learn more

Psychosocial Support

Mental health counseling for covid affected families. Learn more. 

Ghar Ghar Doctor

Bringing medical professionals to rural communities without access. Learn more

Eena Meena Teeka

Vaccination awareness with contextualized messages for local community. Learn more

Oxygen Connect

Delivering oxygen via concentrators and plant to communities in need. Learn more

Tech-based initiatives

Vaccine registration bot, rural telehealth, and awareness radio show. Learn more

Menstrual Health 

Reusable menstrual pads and cups for women affected by lockdown. Learn more

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