India Against Corona is a group of volunteers facilitated by TYCIA Foundation who started in March 2020 as an informal WhatsApp group and have now reached almost 150+ members. In 2021, our goal is to urgently fill the different gaps created due to the COVID crisis. India Against Corona is currently engaged in several initiatives, such as connecting COVID patients to oxygen support, conducting COVID awareness campaigns in rural India, providing free rides to the hospital in auto ambulances, and putting human resources in understaffed hospitals to support with administrative tasks. To more about COVID relief work in the year 2020.  

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#Kasbai Collective

India Against Corona in partnership with GOONJ & 360+ have formed a

collective called 'Kasbai' which consists of 1000+ onground frontline

workers, groups, grassroot organizations from across India. The collective aims to bring relief in the form of rations, primary healthcare services, and vaccination support to 'communities at risk' in rural, tribal and semiurban areas across India. These communities include the Van Gujjars of Uttarakhand, Khanan Majdoor of Chattisgarh, Korku tribe of Satpura Forest of MP, Assamese migrants working as rag pickers in UP and other COVID hit groups.

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Vaccine express

Similar to auto-ambulances, vaccine express vehicles are forms of modified local transportation which drive from home to home in communities at risk, registering as many individuals for the vaccine as possible and helping to clarify any queries or hesitations regarding the same. Each modified transportation vehicle is outfitted with a tablet, and these new vehicles combined will be able to register up to 3500+ people in a week.

Vaccine express is currently active in Delhi and Gurgaon, as well as 10 semi-urban and rural communities at risk across India. As of June 28th 2021, #KasbaiFrontliners had registered 17,000+ individuals for vaccination. 

#Vaccination campaign

As a part of the #IndiaAgainstCorona initiative by TYCIA Foundation, we launched a vaccination campaign in Gurgaon, Haryana lasting from June 1st to July 15th, 2021 to promote COVID appropriate behavior and raise awareness around vaccination. 

This campaign included local radio programming interviewing experts on vaccination, developing IEC materials which were shared across social media and hung throughout Gurgaon as posters. As a part of this campaign, India Against Corona also developed Vaxbot, an interactive whatsapp bot which answers frequently asked questions on vaccination in English and Hindi, and can even assist in registration. 

Auto Ambulances

We operationalised a fleet of 30 auto-ambulances 24X7  in Delhi in collaboration with the Delhi state government. The ambulances provided free rides to the hospital for moderately ill patients who did not have access to other transportation. The auto-ambulances were fully sanitized and the drivers worked in full PPE gear whenever transporting COVID Patients. Whenever idle, auto-ambulances also assisted in the transportation of elderly and immunocompromised individuals, and the delivery of ration kits.


frontline workers in hospitals

Frontline workers in hospitals: We have partnered with government hospitals in order to provide trained human resources to assist their overburdened doctors and nurses. At the peak of the pandemic in Delhi, we placed 20+ frontline paid staff at GIMS in Noida LNJPN hospital, Delhi and COVID Care Centre at Ramleela Maidan, Delhi who assisted the registration of over 8000+ patients and rendered other backend support.

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covid relief kits

One of the goals of the #KasbaiCollective is to provide ration support to 100,000 individuals whose livelihoods were affected by the pandemic. 

So far, 6,950 families in 30+ communities across India have been impacted by receiving these kits, which contain month's ration support and when needed, basic material to maintain hygiene and


These kits enable families who have lost their livelihoods to stay fed, stay home, and stay safe. 

PPE Distribution

With the makeshift hospitals that have sprung up in Delhi, oftentimes there were not enough PPE kits for patients and /or their relatives who accompany them. We have distributed PPE kits and masks outside the emergency wards of major government hospitals across Delhi NCR during the peak of the second wave. Additionally, we dispatched PPE kits and masks to 20+ geographies across India which were given to medical professionals, crematorium workers, and other frontliners coming into direct contact with COVID patients. 

Oxygen connect

We have procured around 172  oxygen concentrators which have been circulated throughout the homes of patients in need and delivered to makeshift COVID Care facilities in Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Assam. 


Oxygen Plant 

An oxygen plant was installed

at a government hospital in Delhi

with a capacity to serve critically ill

patients at the hospital with

constant supply of oxygen to 25-30


The oxygen plant is currently launched, and it's effects will reach far beyond the pandemic: In total, the plant will support 750-1,000 patients in a year. 


Doctors in Diaspora

With the help of some dedicated volunteers from abroad and a donor, we have been able to collect a database of 200+ registered doctors, nurses, and therapists living outside India who have volunteered their time to consult virtually with the caregivers of the Indian patients in their homes, at no cost.  

In total, Doctors in Diaspora provided 8000+ minutes of tele-consultation support to families in 12 states.

Plasma donation support

For a month, we had a team of volunteers making outbound calls and providing counseling services to address the concerns related to plasma donation and making sure each donor who requires it has a safe and sanitized free ride to

the nearest donation center in Delhi through our COVID-19 Helpline.

Due to change in ICMR guidelines and drop of plasma therapy, this initiative was paused and energies were pivoted to other projects.