Pagdandi Yatra is an adventurous journey of self-exploration and service on a makeshift tractor-trolly house that takes dozens of highly motivated youth from India and abroad, on a 2 week, 1000 km forest odyssey to meet the real India in Kokru Tribe Villages of Satpura forest, Madhya Pradesh. The vision of Pagdandi Yatra is 'explore,experience and execute'.

Pagdandi Yatra is a challenging rural immersion program where we focus on pushing participants physically and mentally to search for solutions of self and society within themselves and community.

In April 2018,the first edition of Pagdandi Yatra was hosted with 15 participants coming from diverse background and ethnicity.


An Ideal Day of Pagdandi Yatra usually look like

  • Wake up at 6 am

  • Freshen up in an open field and bathe at a community pond or river. 

  • Cook for yourself with the group 

  • Commute in a makeshift tractor-trolly house for all day

  • Visit at least 5 Villages within 30-50 kms of radius each day and do awareness activities like nukkad nataks, theatre on community issues

  • Meet people and interact with them about their experiences and challenges 

  • Do community meetings in evening with focussed group discussions.

  • Sleep under the sky in a farm or government school terrace.

Next Pagdandai will be organised in the month of Octobre 2019,If you wish to apply please write us

TYCIA Foundation fully funds the participants.