The Prison Fellowship strives to improve the lives of the incarcerated. Through our work in Tihar Prison, we have strove to improve the quality of life and employability of the 18-21 year old inmates by strengthening their existing engagement in alternate education livelihood program by setting up an ideal Prison School. This has happened through a structured school format where TYCIA has run education and functional literacy programs. In the future we  hope to supplement the school with classes in livelihood training, life skills, and mental health. We are providing this assistance through the auspices of the Prison Reformation Fellowship. Through the Fellowship we intend on Fellows to host classes and workshops through the prior thematic areas. In addition to Fellows working in prison, we have fellows outside of prison working in post-release support. For example the fellow working in crowd funding sourcing is working on gathering funds for inmates pre-bail. The fellows are working both inside and outside the prison. 

Layout of Prison Reformation Fellowship is :


  • Fellowship Program is a 12 month full time program.

  • Fellows are expected to work inside Prison as well as outside.

  • Ideal fellow background is graduation in adult education, psychology, criminology, social work with relevant field experience 

  • Each fellow will be provided a mentor from Industry as well for individual guidance.

  • Fellows will have 3 day each Orientation, Midpoint and Endpoint.

  • Fellowship Program will start  from 1st Aug and is a year long program.

  • Orientation will be in 1st week of Aug 2018, Midpoint in 1st week of Dec and Endpoint in 4th week of July 2019.


Fellowship applications are open now,If you wish to apply please write us @