It is an initiative to support Korku tribe, residing in Satpura Forests of Madhya Pradesh to attain a sustainable livelihood through agriculture. The produce is marketing directly to the consumers under the brand name KORO.


In addition, SocioFarm aims to cut the middlemen and pay the farmers' fair share along with providing access to water, storage, technology and training to the tribe.


Known for poverty, hunger and mass-exploitation by moneylenders and traders, Korku Tribe (mainly dependent on agriculture) confronts various socio-economic challenges due to poor natural resource base and drought.


Farmers sow onion on less than an acre of land and the farmer groups for the collective production are formed. The quality seeds are provided and efficient use of the available irrigation facilities is ensured. The fields that still had a water source in the vicinity – a depleted well, a pond is chosen.


After the farmers have learnt to grow onion on a small scale, they are trained to grow them in the bulk and it is marketed directly to the consumers to eradicate the middlemen so that the farmers get their due.


Post production, the farmer groups are trained in grading, storage and packaging. The brand ‘Koro’ was created to enhance their collective selling power.”