TARAI is an initiative to support 1000+ Korku girls to stay in school. Through educational support centers and locally trained staff in rural under-resourced schools, TARAI is changing the educational environment in Korku villages.
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What is 


"Tarai" meaning "girl"
in Korku Language

Satpura Forest,

Madhya Pradesh


Satpura Forest,

Madhya Pradesh

Meet Saraswati


She is 7 years old and dreams of being a doctor. 

Saraswati wants to attend school and help her community. After her brother died, at 4-months old due to malnourishment, she decided to become a doctor to help families like her own.


Until 3 years ago, Saraswati attended government school. However, with financial struggles, both her parents had to go to work in the fields to provide for their family. Saraswati was forced to drop out of school to look after her younger siblings.

TARAI is helping girls like Saraswati. You can too.

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