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With a Post Graduate Diploma in NGO Management from Jamia Millia Islamia and a background in finance, Mohit turned his concern to create a more egalitarian and humane society into action by founding TYCIA together with his classmate and long-time friend Saanchi in 2011. He believes that aiming for a fair society requires a holistic approach. Starting with the right to education, the organization’s efforts expanded to prisoners’ rights, tribal rights and livelihood. After 8 years of having an operational role, he has now started focusing in bringing sustainability to the organization through strategy and fundraising. He likes reading about theories and considers himself a foodie.



After graduating in Education, Saanchi majored in Social Work and Finance. It was in university that she and her classmate Mohit founded TYCIA. She wanted to put her knowledge into practice and contribute her bit to build a more equal society. Having endorsed different roles in the organization, she acts today as a catalyst, is part of the overall strategy, recruitment and alliances. “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” by Albert Einstein is a life quotation which she adheres to.


Program Manager

Prison Reformation

After graduating in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Gauri wrote her PhD in Rehabilitation of Prisoners with orientation from Delhi University. Looking for innovative projects in her field, she quickly joined TYCIA as a fellow in Tihar Prisons. Her tasks include creating and structuring a curriculum for incarcerated youth and training peer fellows within prison. She has a 6-year-old daughter, loves weekend family trips and enjoys dancing.


Program Manager

 Tribal Livelihoods

It is with an immense previous experience and expertise in groundwork that Tausif joined TYCIA and contributed with his knowledge and skills to make a difference for the Korku tribe in Satpura Forest, MP. Leading both an educational and livelihood program in this geography, he truly knows how to engage the community and how to create inclusive initiatives. With his enthusiastic nature he energizes people around him and likes singing catchy songs.


Program Manager 

Youth Empowerment

Tabish graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia where he studied Human Resources Management. After a short experience in the corporate world he quickly understood that it was the development sector that moved him. He joined TYCIA as a fellow of the Transforming Tihar program and is now in charge of Youth Empowerment. He is currently engaged in providing learning opportunities to young national and international high school students through the 360+ leadership collective. In his free time, he likes playing and watching football and is a Chelsea FC supporter.


Program Manager

  Prison Reformation

It is while she was graduating in Sociology from Ambedkar University in Delhi that Eleena’s interest came to prisons. Authors like Foucault and his incontestable analysis on punishment and discipline attracted her to this field. With great motivation, she became a fellow in Tihar Prison where she is focusing on education and contributing to create an educational kit for inmates. Whenever she gets an off moment, she loves doodling and listening to music.


Program Manager


MBA graduate in Marketing from University of Wales, UK and co-founder of the company InQuad, Rahul is our technology partner engaged in the assessment and evaluation of human intelligences, abilities and potential in individuals of all ages – young school children, college students and professionals with the firm belief that such an assessment would help them in realizing their true potential in life. Working with us from Punjab he is a diehard Chennai Super Kings Fan, fully engrossed in biking and riding. “Brilliance requires patience” is his motto in life.



 Content Development

Early child development expert and young professor at Jamia Millia Islamia, Ikanshi is a cat person who enjoys working with children at diverse settings. Enriching the team with her know-how, she works on the organization's content. Swimmer by passion.


Program Manager

Child Rights

Being a Korku woman herself, Pramila is deeply committed to improve her community’s life conditions. Education is her tool and she has through various forms contributed to make a difference. She not only created a dictionary from Korku to Hindi and Hindi to Korku but also takes the lead in field operation and human resources management for the Asha Kiran program. Encouraging and enabling Korku children to stay in school and work on their competences is her motive. In her free time, she loves watching old Hindi movies.


AIF Clinton Fellow

Project Lead - 1000andyou

Raised in Southern California, Jessie has always had a knack for storytelling, which has woven together her experiences in theatre, research, and data science. Previously, Jessie taught in a California high school, and has a background in theatrical production management. With a graduate degree in Urban Geography, she is interested in NGO program development, management, and impact evaluations. As an AIF Clinton Fellow, Jessie is excited to be joining the talented team at TYCIA Foundation!


Program Manager


Monika Mam’ (as children and the team like to call her) is part of TYCIA since the very beginning. She is heading the PathShala project and is committed to offer children who do not have access to quality education, or in most cases, no access to education at all, an opportunity to go to school. She has proven to be a dedicated teacher and principal and is continuously looking at ways to improve our school with methods and strategies adapted to our beneficiaries. She is a proud mother of two.

Field Staff

We appreciate 56+ on ground field staff who are extremely dedicated and motivated and help us achieve our vision.

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